New Facility in Downtown Kitchener
KDCHC’s new home is designed to support more clients and enhance opportunities for joint programming with partners. Located in the heart of the area most of our clients live and near public transportation, the centre is a place to collaborate, support community engagement and access information. Many of KDCHC’s partners and outreach sites are also located in the downtown area, making it easier for clients to connect with others.

How KDCHC Got Started
During the 1990s, a grass roots movement recognized a need for a healthcare centre dedicated to downtown residents and enthnocultural groups. A group of downtown residents and local service providers began the work required to make their dream a reality. In 2000, KDCHC opened its doors and services to downtown Kitchener.

 KDCHC Approach to Service
KDCHC approaches primary care, illness prevention and health promotion within a team environment. With a focus on eliminating barriers to access services, the centre provides language interpreters, bus tickets, child care, referrals to other services, accompaniment to community appointments, assistance accessing health cards, support access to prescription medicine, diagnostic tests

  • The center advocates for community capacity building by combining partnerships and service integration. Committed to client-centred collaborative care, focus remains on social determinants of health  including: income; social support networks; education and literacy; employment; physical environments; personal health practices and coping skills; healthy child development; biology/genetics; health services; gender and culture.
  • A volunteer Board of Directors is responsible for the governance of the centre.  Rounded out with Advisory Committees composed of people in the community with lived experience and an Accountability Agreement with our funders, KDCHC’s focus is built on responsible community accountability